Thursday, August 11, 2011

Politicians to take case against voters to Florida Supreme Court?

Yesterday, the appellate court vindicated the constitutionality of Florida's county term limits, removing any immediate threat to Palm Beach County's law and re-establishing Broward County term limits that had been overturned by a lower court judge.

Now, this morning, the Palm Beach Post is reporting that the gaggle of politicians and politically connected lawyers and judges that challenged the Broward law -- which passed by 80% in 2000 -- is mulling over appealing the case to the Florida Supreme Court.

We'll continue to watch and report on the progress of the case, but are not overly concerned. The case for county term limits at the Supreme Court level is far stronger than the narrower appellate level case. In any case, due to timing, it is highly unlikely that continuation of the case will affect the legal status of Palm Beach County Commissioners Karen Marcus and Burt Aaronson.

There currently is no legal basis for Palm Beach County commissioners to challenge the law. Citizens collected 65,000 signatures to put the referendum on ther ballot, 70% of the voters approved it and now the 4th District Court of Appeals has legally signed off on it. It took a decade, but the people won.

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