Sunday, August 21, 2011

New statewide term limits blog launched

With the victory of county term limits law at the appellate court level, Palm Beach County term limits are safe, for now. The advent of term limits is leading to competitive elections with multiple challengers and the people will have a meaningful vote. Mission accomplished. Hence, this site will be updated only infrequently.

To follow the anti-term limits case to the Supreme Court, if indeed the politicians chose to appeal, please see the new statewide term limits blog here.

While you are there, you can follow the bill, just introduced by state Rep. Matt Caldwell, calling for Congressional term limits.

As polls, ballots and even the courts confirm, this issue is alive and well in our state and across the country. To stay up on it, become a 'follower' by email of the new site. You can make that election using a dialogue box in the right column of the site.


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