Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Palm Beach Post on Aaronson's defiance of voters

In an outstanding May 20 editorial, Randy Schultz tells the unfolding story of Commissioner Burt Aaronson's undignified grasping for power in his final days of his legal term. Please read the entire editorial, but here's some highlights:

"Even if the courts allow Commissioner Aaronson to run, should he? Moreover, Palm Beach County's single-member districts mean that Commissioner Aaronson - and Commissioner Karen Marcus, if she ran - would have to persuade only one-seventh of the electorate. Term-limit advocates elsewhere only could fume.

"In many ways, Commissioner Aaronson has become the example of why people support term limits. As we saw during last year's Democratic Senate primary, Commissioner Aaronson fancies himself a political kingmaker. Commissioner Aaronson quietly retired 'on paper' and made himself a double-dipper, drawing a pension while still serving on the commission. Blame the Legislature, he said, for passing the law.

"If Commissioner Aaronson had been so worried about filling his days as an octogenarian, he could have led a campaign to repeal term limits. For now, though, whatever the courts say, the voters have spoken."


  1. More important than term limits would be the end of County Commission type of government entirely. The county is to diverse to let a countywide commission make decisions. People in each community elect people, let the towns take care of their own. The County Commission is nothing but a drain on our tax dollars. Each community should be able to determine what is best for them not some County "fat cat" who is tied to a developer or special interest. Don't limit them, dismiss them.

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